Confirmed! Jin Ki Joo and Kim Dong Wook for a Time Travel Romance drama

We’ll get to see Jin Ki Joo (From Now on, Showtime!) and Kim Dong Wook (You are My Spring) together in a time travel romance kdrama.

Korean drama “You, Whom I Met By Chance” which is an upcoming time travel romance drama will have Jin Ki Joo and Kim Dong Wook as the main leads.

It will tell the story of a man who travels back in time to find the truth behind a series of murders. There he meets a woman who has also come from the future to prevent her parent’s wedding. Somehow, both get stuck in the year 1987.

Actress Jin Ki Joo is confirmed to play the role of an ordinary city girl Baek Yoon Young who always works hard in her job. Suddenly, something causes her to regret everything that happened in the past. She then decides to change it.

Actor Kim Dong Wook is confirmed to play the role of a local news reporter, Yoon Hae Joon. He is the youngest news anchor for the weekend 9 o’clock news. Yoon Hae Joon is known for his handsome looks and warm yet straightforward personality.

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“You, Whom I Met By Chance” is expected to release in the second half of 2022.