Jeon Yeo Bin (Vincenzo) to find her missing Boyfriend as said in the Plot of her Upcoming drama “Glitch”

There is a new update about the (Vincenzo’s) star Jeon Yeo Bin!

She is already confirmed to star in the upcoming Kdrama “Glitch”, in which the actress role requires her to find her missing boyfriend.

“Glitch” is a Netflix original series and is likely to release this year. The writer of the series is from the Netflix series “Extracurricular”, Jin Han Sae.

The “Glitch” drama series plot goes like this.

Hong Ji Hyo (Jeon Yeo Bin) lives a perfect life with a good job and a good family background. So much that she is popularly known as a “parachute hire” (person who gets a job due to family connections). Hong Ji Hyo also has a boyfriend whom she is with for four years. They are now thinking of marriage. But one day her boyfriend suddenly disappears. His missing is strange as he disappeared in a flash with some mysterious lights seen. Thinking it’s related to outer space, Hong Ji Hyo takes help of a UFO watchers group to find her boyfriend. She then finds a secret.

“Glitch” Korean drama comes from the PD of drama “SF8” and will probably sometimes release in 2021.

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