Kim Min Kyu, Ko Bo Gyeol, Ye Ji Won & Lee Jang Woo to be the potential Main cast for “High Priest Rembrary”

Upcoming fantasy romance Korean drama “High Priest Rembrary” to have Kim Min Kyu (Business Proposal), Ko Bo Gyeol (Hi Bye, Mama!), Ye Ji Won (King of Tears) and Lee Jang Woo (Homemade Love Story) as the potential main cast.

The drama will be adapted from a popular Webtoon called “The Holy Idol” which was originally a web novel.

“High Priest Rembrary” will tell the story of a high priest from another world called ‘Rembrary’. He goes to another world so that he can fight a demon king. But, he gets possessed by the soul of an unpopular yet handsome idol, Woo Yeon Woo. Now, Rembrary looks to get out of this world and at the same time tries to adjust in the body and lifestyle of an idol.

According to the Webtoon, the story goes like this:

I am Rembrary, the beloved messenger of God, a holy Great Priest! While fighting against the demon lord who destroyed my world, I woke up in the body of an unknown Korean idol! How do I get back?! Do I have to adjust to life as an idol!?

High priest Rembrary main cast
1. Kim Min Kyu 2. Ko Bo Gyeol 3. Ye Ji Won 4. Lee Jang Woo

Actor Kim Min Kyu is confirmed to play the role of the high priest Rembrary and handsome idol Woo Yeon Woo.

Actress Ko Bo Gyeol is likely to take the role of Wild Animal’s manager Kim Dal which is an entertainment company. She is an elite who graduated from a top university. Kim Dal is quite skilled and talented in her work as well.

Actress Ye Ji Won is offered to play the role of Wild Animal’s president Seon Ja Lim, while the actor Lee Jang Woo is considering to star as Rembrary’s close friend Shin Jo Woon. He is also the head of ‘Wild Animal’.

“High Priest Rembrary” is likely to release in the first half of 2023 on tvN.