“The Love in Your Eyes” Kdrama 2022 | Cast | Synopsis | Preview & more

Overview: “The Love in Your Eyes” Kdrama (also known as “It’s Like a Bean in a Pod”) is a KBS1 original drama series that released on October 3, 2022. It will tell the story of 30 year old widow who lives with her in-laws, falls in love with someone. “The Love in Your Eyes” stars Baek Sung Hyun, Bae Nu Ri, Choi Yoon Ra and Jung Su Hwan in the main cast. It is available to watch online on streaming platform Viki*.

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Table of Contents

  • Synopsis
  • Genre
  • Cast
  • Air Time & Schedule
  • Episodes & Ratings
  • Still Cuts
  • Notes & Facts
  • Where To Watch Online?
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“The Love in Your Eyes” Korean drama tells the story of Lee Young Yi who lost her husband at a young age. She has a daughter and lives with her in-laws. Her in-laws are overbearing and have expectations from her. Even though she has a tough life she still moves forward with a positive energy for her daughter. Young Yi wants to leave her convenience store part-time job and become a full time employee at the head office.

Meanwhile, Kyung Joon who is the eldest grandson of TS Retail underwent a corneal transplant with a donation from Young Yi’s late husband. Young Yi falls in love with Kyung Joon who has her late husband’s eyes.


Family, Romance

Main Cast & Characters

  • Baek Sung Hyun as Jang Kyung Joon
  • Bae Noo Ri as Lee Young Yi
  • Choi Yoon Ra as Kim Hae Mi
  • Jung Soo Hwan as Jang Se Joon

Supporting Cast

Young Yi’s In-Laws

  • Jung Hye Sun as So Bok Hee
  • Park Chul Ho as Kim Chang Il
  • Park Soon Chun as Oh Eun Sook
  • Choi Jin Ho as Kim Chang Yi
  • Lee Ah Hyun as Seo Hwa Kyung
  • Jung Soo Han as Kim Do Shik
  • Choi So Eun as Kim Do Young
  • Yoon Chae Na as Kim Mi Ri Nae

Taesung Retail

  • Lee Ho Jae as Chairman Jang Hoon
  • Kim Seung Wook as Jang Yi Jae
  • Kim Kyung Sook as Cha Yoon Hee
  • Lee Woo Joo as Oh Soo Wan


  • Kim Bo Mi as Ahn Young Keum
  • Park Shin Woo as Kang Eun Ho
  • Kim Ga Ran as Kang Eun Jin


Shin Jung Yoon as Kim Do Jin (Young Yi’s late husband)

Air Time & Schedule

New Episodes from Monday to Friday at 08:30 PM KST.

Episodes & Ratings

Korean drama “The Love in Your Eyes” will have a total of 120 episodes.

Still Cuts

Baek Sung Hyun as Jang Kyung Joon the love in your eyes 2022
Bae Noo Ri the love in your eyes 2022
Baek Sung Hyun and Bae Noo Ri kdrama 2022 Bean Pod in my Eyes The love in your eyes
Bean pod in my eyes Baek Sung Hyun

Notes & Facts

  • Kdrama “The Love in Your Eyes” takes over KBS1’s time slot previously occupied by “Bravo, My Life
  • Baek Sung Hyun earlier starred in Korean drama “Casting a Spell to You” (2021).
  • Bae Nu Ri earlier appeared in Korean drama “Cheat on Me, If you Can” (2020).
  • Choi Yoon Ra earlier appeared in Korean drama “No, Thank You 2” (2022).
  • Jung Su Hwan earlier appeared in Korean drama “Fight Hard, Love Harder” (2019).
  • Director: Go Young Tak
  • Screenwriter: Na Seung Hyun

Where To Watch Online?

You can watch “The Love in Your Eyes” online on Viki here.

Trailers & Clips

Episodes 1, 2, 3,….., Highlights

*Drama is subject to regional availability.