25 Korean Actors Who Are Crowned With National Titles In Korea

In South Korea Celebrities are often given some titles by fans. These titles are usually given to them on the basis of their looks, personality and nature.

Now it is not an easy thing to get such title for the Korean celebrities. In fact you will be shocked to see that the following list miss out many good Korean actors.

These titles do not remain with the actors for a long time and are often passed down to coming generations. Here is the list of some Korean actors and actresses who currently hold National titles.

1. Nation’s First Love

The ‘Nation’s First Love’ title is with Bae Suzy, Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun. Singer-Actress Bae Suzy has this title because of her innocence and beautiful looks. Actress Jun Ji Hyun earned this title after starring in the hit 2001 Korean film ‘My Sassy Girl’. According to some fans she is almost the prefect image of first love. Actress Song Hye Kyo was given this title at the KBS 2 TV’s ‘Generation Empathy Saturday’ broadcast. She ranked first in the voting for ‘Nation’s First Love Best 10.’

Actress Son Ye Jin has also been given the title of ‘Nation’s First Love’ for her pure and innocent image in movies and dramas.

2. Nation’s Sweetheart

The ‘Nation’s Sweetheart’ title is with IU, Bae Suzy and Kim So Hyun. Singer-actress IU has earned this title with her kindness, generosity and love she has for her fans and staff. While actress Kim So Hyun who rose to fame at young age has won the hearts of many which crowned her with the title.

3. Nation’s Little Sister

The ‘Nation’s Little Sister’ title is with IU, Moon Geun Young and Park Shin Hye. Actress Moon Geun Young got this title after her role in the popular movie ‘My Little Bride’ which released in 2004. Actress Park Shin Hye was chosen for this title on MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment’ broadcast for her good acting, kind nature and natural beauty. In the recent years, Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Sae Ron have also been associated with the title.

Update: Actress Kim Yoo Jung who started her career as a child actress has also been nicknamed “Nation’s Little Sister”. She is also called as Nation’s “Sageuk fairy” after taking roles in several acclaimed historical dramas in her career.

4. Nation’s Older Sister

Actress Ha Ji Won and Kim Hye Soo were given the ‘Nation’s Older Sister’ title during the ‘MBC’s section TV Entertainment’.

5. Nation’s Boyfriend

The ‘Nation’s Boyfriend’ title is with actor Park Bo Gum. His popularity and natural charm earned him a title which describes him as every girl favorite.

6. Nation’s Crown Prince

There is another title with actor Park Bo Gum and that is ‘Nation’s Crown Prince’. He earned this title after his role of a crown prince in the historical romantic comedy drama ‘Love In The Moonlight’. Park Bo Gum’s carefree and classy personality is also a reason for the title.

7. Nation’s Man Of Good Influence

The ‘Nation’s Man of Good Influence’ is a title that again goes to the actor Park Bo Gum. This is due to his kind and down to earth personality. Moreover, the actor has good brand reputation, whichever brand he joins it instantly sells.

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8. Nation’s Little Brother

The ‘Nation’s Little Brother’ title is with actors Yoo Seung Ho and Yeo Jin Goo. Yoo Seung Ho received this title after his role in the popular movie ‘The Way Home’. Actor Yeo Jin Goo who started his career in childhood got this title after his role in the film ‘Sad Movie’ in 2005. His cute and bright personality is also a reason for the same.

9. Nation’s ‘It’ Girl

The ‘Nation’s IT Girl’ title is with AOA singer-actress Seolhyun. Once at SBS Love FM in ‘Song Eun Ee and Kim Sook Unni’s Radio show’ AOA group member were as guest. There Seolhyun told that she is now called by the title of Nation’s IT Girl by many people.

10. Nation’s Son-In-Law

The Nation’s Son-In-Law is with singer-actor Lee Seung Gi. His ideal and perfect image has made him the Korea’s Son-In-Law. Lee Seung Gi’s versatility in the entertainment industry is also one of the reason.

11. Nation’s Uhm Chin Ah

‘Nation’s Uhm Chin Ah’ means your mother’s friend brilliant son who you get compared to. This unique title is also with singer actor Lee Seung Gi. Again his exemplary image has crowned him with such title.

12. Nation’s Father

The ‘Nation’s Father’ title was given to actor Song Dong Il at ‘MBC’s section TV Entertainment’. The actor is nation’s father due to him playing the roles of father for the main lead of almost most all the hit Korean dramas.

13. Nation’s Mother

Actress Kim Hee Ae was also given The ‘Nation’s Mother’ title at ‘MBC’s section TV Entertainment’. The actress is nation’s mother due to her playing the roles of mother for the main lead of almost most of the hit Korean dramas.

14. Nation’s Uhm Chin Ddal

‘Nation’s Uhm Chin Ddal’ means your mother’s friend brilliant daughter who you get compared to. This title is with actress Kim Tae Hee. Her ideal personality has grabbed her such title.

15. Nation’s Thief

The title of ‘Nation’s Thief’ is with singer-actor and music producer Rain. The title is not that much serious but it was jokingly given to Rain after he married the ‘Nation’s Uhm Chin Ddal – Kim Tae Hee’. 

16. Nation’s Husband

The ‘Nation’s Husband’ title is with actor Yoo Joon Sang. He got this title after playing the role of husband in the popular TV series called ‘My Husband Has Got A Family’. 

17. Nation’s Fairy

Singer-Actress Lee Hyori holds the title of ‘Nation’s Fairy’. She earned this title after she appeared in the variety show ‘Family Outing’. 

18. Nation’s Older Brother

The ‘Nation’s Older Brother’ title is with actor So Ji Seob who got this title during ‘MBC’s section TV Entertainment’ broadcast.

19. Nation’s Ideal Type

The ‘Nation’s Ideal Type’ title is with singer and actress ‘Girls Generation’ Yoona. Her physical features and kind personality is what makes her everyone’s ideal type. Yoona was very praiseworthy ever since her debut.

20. Nation’s Grandmother

The ‘Nation’s Grandmother’ title is with actress Kim Young Ok. She is called so due to her roles of grandmother in most of the hit Korean dramas even including an old classic like ‘Boys Over Flowers’.

So this was it. Did your favorites make into the list? Do tell me in comments!

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