9 Times Sa Hye Jun’s Character In “Record Of Youth” Is Inspired By Real Life Of Actor Park Bo Gum

“Record Of Youth” is a currently airing Korean drama on tvN and Netflix which is about to air it’s final episodes in the coming week. It tells the stories of three individuals in their 20s who are struggling to achieve their dreams and love, all centered around entertainment industry. The drama did well among viewers and got promising ratings as well. It stars Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam and Byeon Woo Seok in the main cast.

We see that there are a lot of similarities between Park Bo Gum and his character Sa Hye Jun. In fact it’s hard to deny that Sa Hye Jun’s character is inspired from the actor Park Bo Gum himself. Here are 9 similarities between Park Bo Gum and his “Record Of Youth” character Sa Hye Jun. If you haven’t watched the drama yet then be aware as it has some spoilers.

1. Struggling Initial Time As an Actor!

Sa Hye Jun record of youth kdrama emotional

The main character Sa Hye Jun played by Park Bo Gum in ‘Record Of Youth’ struggled a lot during his initial years in the acting field. In fact, he was a model for 7 years and wished to become an actor despite his poor background.

Actor Park Go Gum’s story is also the same. Things took time for the actor as he kept improving his skills. It took him almost 4 years to get the fame and popularity he currently has. During the starting of his career Park Bo Gum did supporting roles in many films and dramas like ‘Blind’, ‘Bridal Mask’, ‘Wonderful Mama’ and more. Park Bo Gum got his big break with his role in ‘Hello Monster’ and soon rose to popularity after his role of a genius Go player in ‘Reply 1988‘ in 2015. The drama became the top-rated cable television drama in Korea. Soon the actor starred in ‘Love In The Moonlight’ which brought him overseas success.

2. An Actor With Kind And Gentle Personality!

Park Bo Gum medical drama record of youth

Sa Hye Jun wanted to become an actor who remains true to his values and nature even when he gets fame and success. His former manager Lee Tae Soo described him as someone with pure aura. Sa Hye Jun remained down to earth even when he rose to fame.

In real life actor Park Bo Gum is praised for his humble and kind nature. He is also known for his good manners and every person he works with only talks good about him. Many times Park Bo Gum’s co-stars says how the actor has the ability to make people’s heart flutter with his good nature and attitude. While many even called him flawless.

3. Family Debt!

Record of youth drama cast family

We came to know after Sa Hye Jun’s success that his family was in debt. And the kind and generous Sa Hye Jun decided to pay his family debt than getting a home for himself. Even though he shares the room with his grandfather.

Actor Park Bo Gum’s family was also in debt before he rose to fame. He was co-guarantor for a loan his father took to start his business. Over the years his father was unable to pay the debt and it increased due to interest. After his success Park Bo Gum was able to pay the debt just like his character Sa Hye Jun in ‘Record Of Youth’.

4. Always Being Grateful!

Park Bo Gum record of youth

Sa Hye Jun’s character is always thankful to the surrounding people. His family, friends, girlfriend, manager and more we see Sa Hye Jun being thankful to all as much as he can.

Actor Park Bo Gum fans already know to the fact that his down to earth personality is always thankful for the little things in his life. In one of his interview with MNet Park Bo Gum mentions that he would always want to be thankful. Also, during one of his award acceptance speech, Park Bo Gum thanked every single person related to the project. He doesn’t even forget to thank God first, a trait in him which is loved by many.

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 5. Hardworking And Dedicated Actor!

Park Bo Gum studying record of youth

Sa Hye Jun did his best whether it is for modeling or acting. In some episodes of ‘Record Of Youth’ we see how Sa Hye Jun practices his dialogues late at night. And after making a pronunciation mistake in his medical drama, he worked day and night to learn some medical terms.

Actor Park Bo Gum has always been a hardworking actor which gained him many awards. Whether it is being an MC, actor or a university student, Park Bo Gum gave his best in all. Currently, the actor is in military, but he has left 3 projects for his fans. The first is currently airing ‘Record Of Youth’. Second is his new movie ‘Seo Bok’ along with Gong Yoo which is releasing soon. Lastly the movie ‘Wonderland’ which includes a star-studded cast Bae Suzy, Cho Woo Shik, Gong Yoo, Jung Yoo Mi and more. ‘Wonderland’ is expected to release next year.

6. An Actor With Good Values!

Sa Hye Jun manager record of youth

There is a scene in ‘Record Of Youth’ where Sae Hye Jun’s new manager Lee Min Jae tells him to behave as a top star. To which Sa Hye Jun explains that even though he becomes famous, he wants to be an actor who remains true to his core values.

Without denying actor Park Bo Gum is also an actor with good moral values. He once said in his award speech that he will work hard to stay honest and sincere person. In fact one of his co-star Lee Il Hwa from “Reply 1988” was once asked whom she would like to have as her son-in-law among her co-stars. Without thinking, she chose Park Bo Gum as he is a pure and kind person. She further added that most of her friends wishes for the same.

7. The Best Award In Acting Male For A Period Drama!

Park Bo Gum awards

After much struggle Sa Hye Jun got his first leading role in a historical period drama. He even won the Best Male Actor award for his role.

Actor Park Bo Gum also received the ‘Top Excellence In Acting’ (male) award at KBS Drama Awards for his first period drama and it was also a historical (Love In The Moonlight). Actor Park Shin Yang also received the same award with him. Park Bo Gum beat some great actors to it including Song Joon Ki, Cha In Pyo, Lee Dong Gun, Ahn Jae Wook and Song Il Kook.

8. A Handsome Actor!

Sa Hye Jun and Won Hye Ho record of youth

Sa Hye Jun always receive comments and praises about his good looks and handsome personality in ‘Record Of Youth’. Her fan now girlfriend Ahn Jong Ha keeps fangirling over him even after they become friends. And his manager always compliments him for his good looks.

Actor Park Bo Gum well of course he portrayed Sa Hye Jun’s character is handsome as well. He always receive compliments from others whether it is a human or robot. (During his recent Vogue virtual date interview, the virtual robot praised Park Bo Gum’s handsome look and said even robots can’t ignore.)

Note: This point is not to be taken seriously but it was a must to include. 

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9. Can Sing And Play Piano!

Park Bo Gum singing playing piano

On his date with Ahn Jong Ha, Sa Hye Jun sings and plays a beautiful song on piano. He tells her that he learned it by himself.

Well! In the starting actor Park Bo Gum wanted to be a singer-songwriter. He even sent a video of him singing and playing piano to some Korea’s top talent agencies. But one of them advised him to be an actor and so his journey began. Even today actor Park Bo Gum expresses his desire to write and compose songs. He even sang OST for one his drama. Recently the actor released his first Japanese album ‘Blue Bird’. Time to time the actor releases beautiful songs for his fans.

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