Park Ji Hoon & Rookie Actress Roh Yoon Seo Likely to Lead in Webtoon-Based Thriller Drama

After giving a remarkable performance in the recent thriller webtoon-based drama “Weak Hero Class”, the singer-actor Park Ji Hoon is offered to star in yet another webtoon-based thriller called “Bastard”.

Rookie actress and model Roh Yoon Seo who made her debut role in “Our Blues” (2022) and is currently appearing in “Crash Course in Romance” is also offered to star opposite to Park Ji Hoon.

“Bastard” which is based on the webtoon of the same name by Carnby Kim and Young Chan Hwang will tell the story of a high school student Seon Woo Jin whose life is not as ordinary as it seems to be. His father is a psychopath serial killer. And it is only him who knows his secret. Until now, he has been quiet, but he decides to step up and fight for it when his father’s next murder victim is a girl named Yoon Gyeon.

Yoon Gyeon is a new transfer student in Seon Woo Jin’s school.

The webtoon caption reads: “There is a serial killer in my house!”. You can read the webtoon here in English.

According to the reports, Park Ji Hoon and Roh Yoon Seo have received the offers, and they are currently considering to star. If confirmed, Park Ji Hoon will play the role of high school student Seon Woo Jin.

Further details about the cast and releasing date for the drama is yet to be released.