Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk Confirmed to Play Husband and Wife in Upcoming Korean Drama “Family”

We will get to see Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk reunite as husband and wife in new comedy spy Korean drama “Family”. Earlier the two have worked together in three projects together which includes “Success Story of a Bright Girl” in 2002, “Fated to Love You” in 2014, and the 2014 MBC Drama Festival “Old Goodbye”.

The upcoming Korean drama also confirmed Jang Hyuk (Bloody Heart), Jang Nara (Sell your Haunted House), Chae Jung An (King of Pigs) And Kim Nam Hee (Reborn Rich) in the main cast.

“Family” story will center around the family having an NIS (National Intelligence Service) black agent as husband and his sweet wife.

Kwon Do Hoon is an NIS black agent who is currently undercover as a trading company employee. Although he loves his wife and family a lot, due to his work he rarely gets time for them. His wife name is Kang Yu Ra. She dreams of having a happy and perfect family. Kang Yu Ra also has a secret.

Jang Hyuk is confirmed to play the role of husband Kwon Do Hoon while Jang Na Ra will play the role of his wife Kang Yu Ra.

Whereas, Chae Jung An will play the role of NIS operator Oh Chun Ryun. And Kim Nam Hee is confirmed to play the role of Tae Goo who shares a part of his past life with Kang Yu Ra.

Kdrama “Family” will release in April 2023.