Offers Are Out To Shin Ye Eun & Kim Tae Ri To Star In New Historical Korean Drama

Earlier, Kim Tae Ri (Twenty-Five Twenty-One) was in talks to star in the upcoming historical Korean drama called “Jung Nyeon”, now the offers are also out to Shin Ye Eun (The Glory) for the same.

The drama will be based on a webtoon of the same name by Seo irae and Namon.
Currently both actresses are positively reviewing the offers to star.

“Jung Nyeon” will tell story of a talented young girl living in Mokpo, Yoon Jung Nyeon from 1956. She has excellent singing skills but has no money or education to fulfill her dreams. She then joins women’s traditional theater company and dreams of becoming rich and successful.

According to the webtoon:

Jeong-Nyeon has no money or education, but she is a Mokpo girl with a talent for singing! Her dream is to join a women’s traditional theater company, and make it big. But she has a lot to learn and a long way to go before becoming a lead actor. Will Jeong-Nyeon achieve her dream of becoming a big star and getting rich? The story begins in 1956 (post-war Korea) in the southwestern port city of Mokpo.

Further details of the cast, synopsis and releasing date is yet to be disclosed.