Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun joins the Main cast of “The Glory”

Upcoming Netflix drama “The Glory” will have Song Hye Kyo (Now, we are Breaking up) and Lee Do Hyun (Melancholia) starring opposite to them. Lim Ji Yeon (Rose Mansion), Yeom Hye Ran (The Uncanny Counter), Park Sung Hoon (Into the Ring) and Jung Sung Il (Our Blues) are also confirmed to star together in the series.

“The Glory” will tell the story of Moon Dong Eun who was once bullied horribly in her school. Park Yeon Jin and Jeon Jae Joon were one of the highschoolers who bullied her. Today, Moon Dong Eun becomes an elementary school homeroom teacher, but she has never forgotten her tormenting past. In fact, she was planning revenge on her bullies all the way. To which she decides to take on her bully’s kids and also on those who watched her being bullied.

Actress Song Hye Kyo will play the role of the bullying victim Moon Dong Eun, while Lim Ji Yeon and Park Sung Hoon as one of her bullies, Park Yeon Jin and selfish Jeon Jae Joon respectively.

Actor Lee Do Hyun will be playing the role of a mysterious lead character, Joo Yeo Jung. On the outside, no one can tell he is hiding a mysterious secret inside.

Kang Hyun Nam, a domestic violence victim, will be played by Yeom Hye Ran. His mother wants to protect him from Moon Dong Eun, so she makes a proposal with her.

Actor Jung Sung Il will play the role of Ha Do Young, Park Yeon Jin’s husband and the CEO of a major construction company. He also becomes a victim of Moon Dong Eun’s revenge.

“The Glory” which is set to release on Netflix comes from the writer of hit dramas like “Goblin”, “Descendants of the Sun”, “Heirs”, “Secret Garden” and more. Also, the director of hit series like “Happiness”, “Memories of the Alhambra”, “Record of Youth” and more will direct it.