Taecyeon, Won Ji An & Yoon So Hee are Confirmed Cast For a Vampire Fantasy drama

Finally! After a very long time, a Vampire fantasy romance Korean drama is about to come in the drama world.

The upcoming KBS2’s Korean drama is called “My Heart Is Beating” (literal title). And 2PM’s Taecyeon (Blind) and Won Ji An (If You Wish Upon Me) are confirmed in the main cast alongside Yoon So Hee (Peng).

“My Heart Is Beating” Korean drama will tell the story of a vampire called Seon Woo Hyul who desperately wants to become a human. To do this, he goes to a cave and eats only mugwort and garlic for 100 years. However, he couldn’t fulfill his wish due to one day difference in 100 years. As a result, he becomes half-human and half-vampire. Later, he accidentally starts living with a part-time school nurse and owner of a guest house, Joo In Hae.

Joo In Hae is bold and cold in nature who came from a poor family. To survive, she has done many part-time jobs. Her harsh nature starts to change when she starts living with Seon Woo Hyul.

Ok Taecyeon is confirmed for the role of half-human and half-vampire, Seon Woo Hyul. Won Ji An will portray the role of part-time nurse Joo In Hae.

While Yoon So Hee is confirmed to take on the role of Na Hae Won, a real estate investor with a beautiful and glamorous appearance. She gets attracted to Seon Woo Hyul who mistakenly thinks she is his first love. Later, Na Hae Won tries to find Seon Woo Hyul’s real identity.

Kdrama “My Heart is Beating” is expected to release in the second half of 2023 on KBS2.