5 New confirmed Korean Dramas premiering in July 2021

It is so hot this July 2021, but don’t worry new Korean Dramas are coming here to cool you. We have a bit less Kdramas releasing in the 7th month of 2021, but each one is worthy to watch. With actor Ji Sung’s “The Devil Judge” and Jun Ji Hyun’s special episode of “Kindom”, your drama journey is going to be thoroughly enjoyable.

And you are more likely to sleep in a blanket even in this hot summer as “The Witch’s Dinner” is also releasing this July. Even if these dramas are not enough for you then I have linked some freshly released and ending dramas at the end of the list.

Enjoy! 5 New confirmed Korean Dramas premiering in July 2021 list.

New K-Dramas Airing In 2021-07

1. The Devil Judge

jisung edited

“The Devil Judge” kdrama tells a fictional story of dystopian Korea. Dystopian Korea is a frightening place as everything here is in disorder and confusion. Here people are filled with anger against their leaders as their society is about to collapse. Kang Yo Han is a judge. He becomes a ray of hope for the people due to his different style of holding trails. He turns the trial room open to the public just like a reality show. But Kang Yo Han way of punishing is inhumane, and he also has a secret.

Jung Sun Ah is Yo Han’s enemy. Kim Ga On is a rookie judge who questions the devil judge way of punishing. Yoon Soo Hyun is a detective friend of Ga On.

The Devil Judge” is likely to release on 3 July 2021.

Air Time And Days: Saturday & Sunday at 9 p.m. KST

Broadcast Network: tvN

Genre: Mystery, Political, Legal

Main Cast: Ji Sung, Kim Min Jung, Jin Young, Park Gyu Young

You Can Watch On: Viki

2. Red Shoes

Red shoes 2021 kdrama edited

“Red Shoes” kdrama story goes like this. Min Hee Kyung (Choi Myung Gil) leaves her family for first love and her desire for success. She has a daughter named Kim Gemma (So Yi Hyun) and a sick son. Life gets tough and hard for Gemma after her mother leaves the house. It gets worse after her father dies unexpectedly. Gemma is convinced that someone murdered her father. Now all she wants is to take revenge from her mother and solve her father’s case.

She also meets Yoon Ki Seok (Park Yoon Jae) who gets attracted to her. Ever since Ki Seok’s wife cheated him, his trust from love is gone.

Red Shoes” is likely to release on 5 July 2021.

Air Time And Days: Monday to Friday at 7:50 p.m. KST

Broadcast Network: KBS2

Genre: Melodrama, Revenge, Romance, Family

Main Cast: Choi Myung Gil, So Yi Hyun

You Can Watch On: Viki

3. You Are My Spring

you are my spring 2021 drama

“You Are My Spring” tells the romance story between a hotel concierge manager and a psychiatrist. The twist being both have traumatic childhoods, and they get involved in a murder case. Kang Da Jung is the hotel concierge manager and Joo Young Do is the psychiatrist. One day CEO Chae Joon suddenly appears and confesses to Kang Da Jung.

You Are My Spring” is likely to release on 5 July 2021.

Air Time And Days: Monday & Tuesday at 9 p.m. KST

Broadcast Network: tvN, Netflix

Genre: Romance, Crime, Mystery

Main Cast: Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Dong Wook Yoon Park, Nam Gyu Ri

You Can Watch On: Netflix

4. The Witch’s Diner

the witch's diner kdrama 2021

“The Witch’s Diner” will tell a fantasy story about a mysterious restaurant run by a witch named Hee Ra. In the restaurant, she fulfills her customer’s wishes in exchange for their souls.

Jeong Jin is 28 years old who runs the restaurant with her mother. Today she works unwillingly in partnership with the witch Heera. Lee Gil Yong is a part-time employee at the witch’s restaurant.

The Witch’s Diner” is likely to release on 16 July 2021.

Air Time And Days: Friday

Broadcast Network: TVING

Genre : Fantasy, Mystery

Main Cast: Nam Ji Hyun, Song Ji Hyo, Chae Jong Hyeop

You Can Watch On: Viki

5. Kingdom: Ashin of the North (Special)

Kingdom Ashin of the north

This series is an extention to the story of Kingdom Season 2. It will tell the backstory of the mysterious Ashin (Jun Ji Hyun), who was found by the Lee Chang’s (Jun Ji Hyun) party on their way to the north. Ashin, during her childhood discovered the resurrection plant.

Kingdom: Ashin of the north” is likely to release on 23 July 2021.

Air Time And Days: Friday

Broadcast Network: Netflix

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Horror

Main Cast: Jun Ji Hyun

You Can Watch On: Netflix

Also Expected To Air This July

Please Check The Event

Please Check The Event” will tell the love story of two ex lovers who now pretend to be together. So that they can go to the couple’s trip they won somewhere.

Please Check The Event” is now releasing on 14 August 2021.

Air Time And Days: Wednesday & Thursday

Broadcast Network: MBC

Genre: Youth, Romance, Melodrama

Main Cast: Bang Min Ah, Kwon Hwa Woon, Ahn Woo Yeon

You Can Watch On: ?

List of Ongoing K-Dramas in 2021-07

Nevertheless 2021 drama

List of Ending K-Dramas in 2021-07

My Roommate Is Gumiho Korean drama 2021

July 2021 K-Drama Calendar

S.noKdramaReleasing Date
1.The Devil Judge3 July 2021
2.Red Shoes5 July 2021
3.You Are My Spring5 July 2021
4.The Witch’s Diner16 July 2021
5.Kingdom: Ashin of the North23 July 2021
6.Blue Birthday23 July 2021
7. The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim30 July 2021

So which drama you picked to watch this July? Do Comment!

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